Budget Wedding Favors

With the money that you are already spending renting a wedding venue, getting your hands on the most elegant cake in the greater 48 states, cbd oil for dogs and of course the bank sapping bridal dress, it seems silly to spend an arm and a leg on wedding favors as well, and you would be right in thinking so! You should not completely forgo handing out wedding favors to your guests, as it is an important tradition, and a wonderful way to thank them for their support and their thoughtful wedding gifts for you and your spouse. You should certainly be frugal in choosing your wedding favors though, as many chocolatiers and other purveyors of popular wedding favor items are under the impression that they can sell their wares at exorbitant prices simply because you are buying for a wedding.

One way to get around this is to make your own wedding favors. A particularly popular favor given out at weddings are almonds coated in a thin candy shell. You can find recipes on the internet that will have you making these at home with equipment you already have in your kitchen at the meager price of around $3.00 per pound, which will leave you wondering why you ever paid up to $20.00 per pound in the stores. Home designed gummy candies would also make great wedding favors, and these can also be made with equipment you have around your kitchen, though you may want to consider purchasing a mould that is more wedding appropriate than what you have lying around. The recipe is simple, and will only cost you, again, around $3.00 per pound, and your friends and family will love your homemade candies.

If you are looking to shy away from edible favors, then one of the most classic inedible options is the candle. Fragrant and elegant, your guests will think of you every time they use their candle, and will think back to your wedding fondly as it fills their house with a pleasant aroma. Scented candles specifically designed to be handed out as wedding favors can be found for as low as $1 a piece, which is a bargain for you and will be a treat for your guests! The do-it-yourselfer can probably make their own elegant and scented candles at even a fraction of this cost, and doing so would garner you the admiration of your guests, as they would know that you really put some effort into thanking them, rather than purchasing your thanks at a store.

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