Building a Successful Cabinet Remodeling Franchise

People with kitchen remodeling franchises typically seem to do well no matter if the housing industry is hot or cold. This is because buyers make improvements on their new homes and home sellers spend money to make their homes more salable when home sales are hot. When they are cold, homeowners just focus on improving their current home rather than making a move.

Consequently, it has never been a better time to own a kitchen remodeling franchise. And, with the tips below, business owners can be certain their investment succeeds.

Sell Homeowners on Cabinet Refacing, Not Replacing

Rather than completely replacing their existing kitchen cabinets, many homeowners are saving money by refacing. Refacing cabinets can be done a variety of ways:

• Over drawer and cabinet fronts, installing new wood or laminate veneer
• Installing completely new drawer fronts and cabinet doors
• Painting or refinishing existing drawer and cabinet fronts

For a completely new look, the cabinet interiors can also be painted, stained, or sanded. At a much lower cost than installing brand new cabinets. This makeover can give a kitchen a whole new look. Compared to the cost of replacing, homeowners can save substantially when cabinet custom cabinets orange county refacingis performed by a skilled cabinet remodeling franchise system.

Market to Homeowners Looking to Improve Their Home before Selling

The price at which a home sells can increase drastically when the sellers makes some investments in strategic upgrades and repairs. Real estate agents often recommend remodeling because it can lead to as much as a fifteen percent selling price spike. This creates a great opportunity for an enterprising cabinet remodeling franchise.

An ugly or outdated kitchen is a big turnoff for a lot of buyers. With the “foodies” craze, more people are spending time in the kitchen. Potential buyers look at the kitchen as an opportunity to do great things. By simply refacing the cabinets, Kitchen Solvers franchises are able to completely transform kitchens at a reasonable price.

Offer as Many Options and Services as Possible

Providing an array of options and services will contribute to the success of a kitchen remodeling franchise. When remodeling a kitchen, customers do not want to be limited in their choices. When it comes to cabinet colors and materials, they want a smorgasbord of options. Since every customer is different, having more variety will increase the chances of pleasing the customer.

One way a cabinet remodeling franchise can build success is by offering a wide array of services. Kitchen Solvers provides multiple service offerings including new cabinetry, cabinet refacing, custom countertops, kitchen design, backsplashes, and functional accessories. Some franchisees also offer lighting and flooring options as well. The bottom line is that at Kitchen Solvers we oversee all of the essential details that go into clients remodeling project. If a service isn’t offered, Kitchen Solvers will gladly source out the work to a local firm with the expertise and know-how.

Now is the best time to build a successful cabinet remodeling business. And, by choosing to do so as a Kitchen Solvers franchise, owners have all of the tools they need.

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