Electric Turkey Fryers and Gas Turkey Fryers

Gas or Electric Turkey Fryers



Everyone enjoys deep-fried turkey at home. The tradition of deep-frying turkeys has become the norm in our house during all major celebrations and other types of gatherings that we enjoy with our friends. The crispy skin is the most delicious aspect of turkey after you deep fry it, since we sprinkle a variety of spices to make the outside. Everyone is in a hurry to grab their portion of skin before it’s all gone. Additionally, the crispy skin retains all the juices in to make a delicious, juicy turkey once you slice it open.  Air Fryer for Chicken Wings and Fries Another method to make the flavor more appealing to this turkey, is to inject marinades into your bird. You can typically purchase one of these injector kits at the same time you would purchase an oven for your turkey. My opinion is that there’s no other way to cook a bird once you’ve had one that was cooked in oil.



There are several methods of deep-frying your turkey. The most popular method is to utilize a propane gas deep-frying machine. This is how I learned how to cook our turkeys. The gas method warms the oil fast, and a bit quicker that the electrical method. We cooked our turkey in the driveway , so even if we spilled some oil onto the driveway, it wasn’t a huge problem. It is also possible to cook your turkey on your lawn, something we have done several times. Cooking outside can give an entirely different cooking experience. If we cook outside, it is usually a great opportunity to drink a few cocktails while we wait on the cooking of the Turkey! Another benefit of cooking outside using the gas method! Haha! If you’re planning the time to cook in your backyard typically, you’ll think of chicken, hot dogs, and like. The option of cooking your turkey outside is a different possibility to the food you could cook on the outside, along with the food you grill.



Another option to cook your turkey in a deep fry is to use an Electric Turkey Fryer. This gives you the ease of cooking your turkey at home, in the kitchen in the place where all your cooking utensils and other ingredients are. The majority of electric fryers are able to accommodate the same size turkey as gas fryers, and also have drainage spigots to help remove the oil after it is finished. One issue I’ve observed is that electric turkey fryers require slightly longer to warm up the oil than gas fryers however, I don’t think it as a major issue when cooking at home is important for your. If you’re making your turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas and live in the colder parts of the country , you may be grateful to cook your Thanksgiving dinner inside of your warm home! Another advantage is the security aspect. The gas method of cooking involves that you are cooking with an open fire. Electric turkey fryer is connected to the wall, and there is zero chance of setting any the fire.