Hospice Care for the Terminally Ill

A hospice is a facility that caters to the needs and preferences of individuals who are very ill and needs to be managed and checked regularly. The main purpose of this facility is actually palliative care for the patients. There are not so many of these places in the country and those that are there have special staff members who take care of the individuals who are admitted here.


Palliative care is the backbone of a hospice. The details of this type of service are actually to relieve and prevent the pain and suffering of the patient. The doctors, nurses, aides and other staff members who are employed by the facility need to be compassionate towards their charges. There are three common types of patients in these places; those who have curable illnesses, chronic diseases and those who are terminally ill.

Those who have curable sicknesses enter these establishments free hospice care san gabriel so they can receive care that they might not get if they stayed at home or at a hospital. This place is usually preferable for those who live alone and have no one to take care of them if they are sick. At the hospital, care might be impersonal at best or the individual might not need to be admitted because his or her case is not a priority. Some hospitals turn away patients who do not need to be there and recommend they stay at a hospice instead. Those who have chronic diseases will regularly need care and management in order to prevent any deterioration and aggravation of their diseases. Those who are terminally ill will be helped by making their stay at the hospice as comfortable as possible and to prevent any stress on the part of the patient.


There are also some services that the doctors in the facilities usually practice. Assessment of the patient who is to be admitted is a standard operating procedure. There is a roster of symptoms that the doctors here usually base their assessment on. The individual who is being assessed can complete the assessment by himself or with the help of an aide or a nurse. After the assessment, management of the symptoms that are present with the patient is discussed with either the patient or a representative of the patient. The administration of medication is a priority in this discussion as well as how emergencies and other situations are treated in the hospice. Admittance to a facility is usually under the recommendation of a doctor or the wishes of the patient and his family. Many of the people who are admitted to these facilities do not have anybody to take care of them extensively in their home, which is why they are brought here.


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