The Lighting Techniques For the Television

The manufacturers of liquid crystal television try their best to make how to stop tiny task the products have their own specialty, driving the development of big screens. Meanwhile, the manufacturers of the rear projection are trying to keep the competitive in the market. Expanding of the size will make the cost of display floater low; however, the price of lighting is still high. In fact, the ratio of the lighting expense has risen in recent years. Manufacturers are trying to cut down the costs via many means.

The fluorescence consisted of lamp and an optical thin film is applied in the liquid crystal television lighting. On one hand, the fluorescence has long service life, high efficiency and great production; on the other hand, the fluorescence has the mercury element which is forbidden, and the color gamut is poor. To attract the customs that are in favor with the cathode ray tube and plasma display panel, improving the image is a must for the manufacturers of liquid crystal television. Lighting is the key obstacle that limits the acceptation of people. The cost can be cut down with the falling price of LED in the later years.

The LED will be the technique that improves the lighting of back-light television, although there are other technologies applied for the screen lighting, such as the fluorescence, FED and OLED. The LED can replace the fluorescent lamp directly, which means it is easy to be utilized. What is more, the time-sequential color of LED makes the color filter unnecessary. The brightness controlling of the LED will become more accurate in the way. Scientists firmly believe that the price of LED will decline in the future years.

The application of advanced light source is another trend of rear projection development. In order to make the laser to be the final solution of the lighting technique, developers of laser are promoting their products. Some people point out that the LED is hard to keep the low cost of television with the expanding of the size. The application of laser can cut down the cost for 50 to 200 dollars, meanwhile, the power will be low, and the image will be better. This technique has been commercialized already, therefore, it will have a large market potential in the future.

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