The Spanish Lottery Played in a Syndicate

The Spanish Superdraw-Lottery is drawn monthly, which allows the prize pool to grow to a significant size each month.

A standard month has a massive prize fund of 84 Million Euros. Other months like July, January and December see even bigger lottery prize pools, often completely dwarfing the Euro Millions Lottery. As a result, it has become more and more popular with lottery players across, Europe.

The Euro Millions Lottery sometimes creeps up above €100 million, but the Spanish Lottery is a minimum of 84 Million Euros each month (with the exception of August when it isn’t drawn).

Believe it or not, the Spanish Lottery was introduced a way back in the late 1760’s by King Charles III of Spain. The first Spanish Christmas lottery was drawn in 1812, and later in 1892 the name ‘Sorteo de Navidad’ was used.

The Christmas Lottery is the largest lottery in the world in terms of cash payouts, with the main prize, know as El Gordo currently at €2.3 Billion.

Each month there is a Spanish Lottery draw of €84 Million, which huay itself is larger than almost all of the UK’s National Lottery Draws and most of the Euro Millions Lottery draws.

The only month that doesn’t have a draw is August.

The Superdraws are sometimes even larger than the €84 Million, and these have special names.

In January, the super draw is for El Niño (the Spanish name for this lottery draw is Sorteo de El Niño), and this is for €840 Million. Playing in one of our syndicates will guarantee you at least three cash prizes in this draw. Play Now!

In the summer, there is the San Ildefonso lottery. This is drawn in July and the prize fund is €150 Million. Play Now!

Finally, the last special Spanish Lottery is El Gordo (“the big one”), with a huge prize fund of €2.3 Billion. Play Now!

Now there is a way to play the Spanish Lottery from all over the world, online, and not only improve your chances, but offer you better value.

By playing in an online Spanish lottery syndicate with VWD’s eLottery you are guaranteed to win a prize.

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